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Benefit from the revenue generated by our initiatives through profit-sharing


Propose and support the growth of our projects.

"Savvy Apes is your gateway to a collaborative platform that devises and executes profit-driven projects, sharing the resulting profits with our community."

Savvy Apes is a collaborative platform that creates revenue-generating utilities across categories like NFTs, trading, DeFi, and GameFi. It has its own cryptocurrency token, the Savvy Apes token.

Our token has a 3% tax on all buy and sell transactions. This tax gets redistributed to existing token holders in proportion to their holdings, the marketing wallet, and the Savvy Apes team.

To earn a share of the revenue from our Revenue Share Utilities (RSUs), holders need a minimum amount of Savvy Apes tokens (currently 100K) and a relevant NFT for the particular RSU. The more tokens held, the larger the proportion of revenue earned.

This tokenomics design incentivizes long-term holding, as the redistribution increases holders' token balances over time, resulting in a larger share of the revenue payouts. The aim is to build an ecosystem of long-term holders while deploying more revenue-generating utilities.

Savvy Apes welcomes innovative developers to launch revenue-generating utilities within our vibrant community. Our goal is to foster an open, collaborative environment where groundbreaking ideas thrive and generate sustainable revenue streams benefiting both developers and token holders. We understand the challenges developers face, which is why we offer a unique opportunity to leverage our platform, access a ready market, streamline monetization, and ensure fair rewards for your creations. By embracing new utilities, our community gains access to cutting-edge technologies and shares in the success of these innovative projects.